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3 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a Pre-owned Forklift

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In ideal circumstances, buying a new forklift featuring the latest technological advancements and no history or wear would be the best option. However, you may be under budgetary constraints and hence are forced to look into buying a used forklift. New equipment comes with certain guarantees of safety and reliability that used equipment doesn’t, so it’s important to do your homework thoroughly and ensure you source the right forklift for sale from the right people. Read on to learn more about this. 1. Consider maintenance costs New machinery will not need any more maintenance than routine lubrication and servicing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Major breakdowns are unlikely except in cases of neglect, and should they occur, you have a warranty to cover the cost of repair. This is not so for used forklifts, which have more intensive operational maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, when selecting a pre-owned forklift, establishing its history of use will be pivotal to knowing whether your investment is secure. You can ascertain this by requesting for operating, service/maintenance and repair logs to confirm usage, breakdown and repair history. Avoid buying forklifts that were used in non-stop, heavy-duty warehouse scenarios, as these have more use-hours and are more prone to breaking down. Part of maintenance includes availability of parts and service technicians. Choose dealers that have the capacity to maintain/service the forklift after purchase and buy a brand whose parts are readily available. 2. Buy in the right place Buying from an individual is the riskiest decision you can make, particularly if it’s somebody you don’t know. An individual doesn’t have a business reputation to worry about and sometimes will be harder to sue for costs in case something goes awry. They may have no qualms lying about use and repair history just to make the sale. Large forklift fleet-owners can be a good source, and you can get an idea of the kind of work the forklift does by looking at their business. You may also turn to used forklift dealerships, which have a wide selection of used forklifts in various brands. However, the best option for a buyer is certified used forklift dealerships that buy, inspect, and overhaul used forklifts to make the equipment almost as good as new. They are more expensive, but their products are the most trustworthy of the lot. 3. Carry out thorough inspections Bring along your own operator to carry out the test-drive; he/she can assess the forklift’s operation and detect any slippage or binding. Warm up the forklift and look for leaks in the transmission, tile cylinders, radiator, differential and mast cylinders. Use a qualified forklift mechanic to carry out a full inspection, even if you have to foot the cost for this. He/she should have a checklist that includes operation, wear and alignment of parts, oil pressure and safety...

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Tips on Purchasing the Perfect Timber for Your Project

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Buying timber for your deck, floors, shed or other structures isn’t a walk in the park. There are various types of wood in different qualities. The numerous dealers selling timber on the market today make the process of purchasing even harder. To ensure you get good quality wood for your construction or flooring project, here are some valuable tips and factors to consider. Determine the purpose of the timber There are two types of wood used for timber: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is ideal for high-quality furniture, flooring, exterior decks and dockyards. Types of hardwood include mahogany, oak, teak, maple and walnut. Softwood is suitable in structures for framing, cladding and paneling, flooring and decking. Types of softwood include Douglas fir, pine, cedar, redwood and spruce. Hardwood is usually more durable and more expensive than softwood (though not always!). The type of wood you choose will depend on your purpose for the timber. Buy in form of wooden logs Buying timber that’s in the form of wooden logs is ideal as it is easier to measure. When purchasing, always verify the breadth of the wood with the supplier. Also important is inspecting the timber for holes, lumps, cracks or mildew before purchase. Any timber with these defects will not be durable, and you may be forced to spend more money on the same in future. Avoid colored timber Different types of wood take on various natural colors ranging from light to deep shades of brown. However, some dealers may color or coat wood to take on the color of another type of wood. Avoid buying coated wood as it may be fake or have artificial layers increasing its breadth. You can assess this by lightly scratching its surface with a sharp object. Also, check the ends for any cracks that may be covered with chemical substances. Take an expert along If you are buying wood for the first time, chances of landing on a fraudulent dealer and getting ripped off are high. To avoid this, take along a carpenter or a wood expert when you go shopping. Since they have dealt with different types of wood, carpenters can easily differentiate quality timber from low-quality one at a glance. If you are unsure of your skills in choosing perfect wood, an expert is your best bet at it. The type of timber you choose for your project determines the look, quality and durability of furniture, floors, decks and structures you’re building. With these tips, you can be sure to get quality furniture for your next...

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Living Room Flooring | 3 Considerations When Comparing Between Small And Large Format Tiles For Your Living Room

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If you’ve decided to give your living room floors a refurbished look with new tiles, then you’ve got to decide between classic small format tiles or more modern large format tiles. This guide aims to help you compare the two different types of tiles for your living room. Ease Of Maintenance Maintenance is a key factor in choosing between tiles because cleaning takes up a considerable amount of time. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, then both tile formats will suit you just fine. But if you’re the type of person that wants something maintenance-free, then large format tiles win because there’s less grout to blacken and discolour. With fewer joints and grout lines, you’ll find cleaning a breeze, saving you a significant amount of time and energy. To ease your maintenance drastically, you can choose similar coloured tiles and grout for a cohesive appearance with minimal maintenance necessary. Opulent Appeal While you probably don’t pay much attention to the floor tiles in your bedroom, you’ll naturally want your living room to reflect luxurious appeal, especially when you have guests over. While many small format tiles are now designed to offer luxurious charm, large format tiles deliver effortless luxury with minimal lines and joints. The appearance of your living room tiles will ultimately depend on your personal tastes and preferences, but large-format tiles are inherently more luxurious. The best way to ensure a luxurious finish is to create a homogenous appearance between your furniture, floors and walls.  Opening Up Spaces For Smaller Living Rooms Smaller tiles can make a room feel smaller because more grout lines relay the impression of restrictiveness. In comparison, large format tiles offer minimal grout and joint lines to make your living room feel more open and less hampering. If you’re looking to infuse space into your living room, then large format tiles will help you conjure up the illusion of space more vividly. As a general rule, lighter coloured tiles offer a more luxurious finish because they reflect light to open up a room, making it feel more spacious. If you have a large living room already and space isn’t a constraint, then you can easily choose small-format tiles if this style appeals more to your personal taste. If you’re looking to install new flooring for your living room, consider these factors when choosing between small format and large format tiles. Visit Tile Warehouse (Newcastle) Pty Ltd for more information about...

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How To Prepare The Ground For Your New Roll-On Lawn

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When your lawn has suffered through disease or heavy use, it may become necessary to replace it with new roll-on turf.  Although it is possible to kill off an old lawn by using herbicides, doing so could harm other plants growing nearby and may also adversely impact on your new grass if any chemicals are left in the soil.  With this in mind, here are some environmentally-friendly options and tips on how to get rid of your existing lawn to ready the ground for that smart, new roll-on lawn. Smothering Like all plants, grass needs light, water, and air in order to grow.  The simplest method of killing an unwanted lawn is therefore to deny it these essentials for life.  This method works well on any type of grass plant, but for hardier varieties, such as couch, you may need to allow a little longer for the process to be fully-effective. For reasons of practicality, this method is best-suited to smaller areas.  You’ll need tarpaulins of sufficient area to completely cover the grass, sand or soil with which to weigh the tarps down, and large stones or bricks. Take a large, thick tarpaulin and lay it out on the lawn.  If necessary, use further tarps to cover the remainder of the grass, being careful to overlap the edges, so that no light or water can get underneath.   Now spread soil or sand over the tarps to stop any light penetration and to prevent the wind from lifting the tarps’ edges.   Place large stones or bricks around the edges of the tarps to hold them in place.   Leave the tarps in place for around six weeks, or until the grass has died off completely, and then remove them.  The soil or sand that you used can be spread over the dead lawn as a base for the roll-on turf. Excavation A second eco-friendly lawn disposal method is excavation.  If you have a particularly large area to treat, this is probably the easiest strategy to use.  It’s also much quicker than smothering the old lawn, although it can prove expensive, as you’ll need to hire a suitable small digging machine from a tool hire shop for this.  You’ll also need some fresh topsoil or sand. Simply excavate around 10 centimetres from the top of the lawn, so that all the plants’ shallow roots are removed.   Fill-in the vacant space with fresh topsoil or sand. In conclusion If you have an old lawn that requires removal before you can install your new roll-on grass, follow the guidelines above for an eco-friendly solution, and ask your new lawn provider for more tips on ground...

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Domestic High Pressure Washers: Comparing Petrol And Diesel Models

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If you need a high-pressure washer at home, you can either go with an electric of a fuel-powered model. Fuel models run on either diesel or petrol. Although the two are quite similar, they do have certain differences that make them distinct from each other. If you have decided to go with a fuel-powered high-pressure cleaner, this article will help you to choose between the two options by comparing the following factors.  Costs In regards to cost, you have to factor both the cost of procurement and the cost to run the washer. Diesel pressure washers are cheaper in both aspects. They cost less to buy because they have a lower demand ratio compared to petrol models. And because diesel is cheaper than petrol, they are easier to run, i.e. they cost less to fuel and use. Service maintenance costs for both are quite similar as the model differences do not affect this in any big way.  Power            Both petrol and diesel high-pressure cleaners are available in low and high power specs. All you have to do is check the power rating (usually in kW), the flow rate (l/min), and the water pressure (rated in Bar or psi). The higher the rating, the more powerful the unit is. However, considering that diesel fuel is more volatile, diesel pressure washers are more rugged and robust. You are therefore more likely to find high power pressure washer that is diesel powered Noise When it comes to noise, petrol powered pressure washers are quieter. Just like in cars, diesel engines tend to produce more noise due to the volatile combustion cycles in the cylinders. Petrol high pressure washers are therefore more ideal for cleaning indoors or around the house, e.g. cleaning the deck, the door, cars. Etc. In turn, diesel washers are better suited for locations a bit farther from the house. Air pollution Because fuel-powered pressure washers feature combustion engines, they give off exhaust fumes when in use. Petrol engines are better off because they give off little to no fumes at all. However, diesel fuel is denser and produces thin fumes. As such, petrol washers are more ideal for enclosed spaces such as garages and sheds. However, if in use outside, diesel pressure washers are okay to use. If not sure what to go with, talk to a supplier (such as Jetwave Industrial Equipment) to find the best unit for your applications. Remember to also consider other factors such as weight, portability, and water...

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Temporary Fencing Options

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Temporary fences create safe enclosures and barriers. They can be used to protect children from falling into pools, to keep your pets contained or to keep people out of construction sites. Temporary fences come with convenience and cost advantages, as they can easily be installed and removed when not in use. There are different fencing materials to fit your needs. Chain Link Panels These panels are mainly used in industrial, commercial and residential sites. This type of fencing can also be used for crowd control during events. This fencing is made from chain link wire. The wire is fabricated to make panels. Paneling makes them versatile, so they can be installed in different configurations. Chain link panels are installed with the help of free standing platforms. This means that no drilling of holes is required. Removing them is also easy. They are also able to withstand harsh weather. Chain Link Fences Unlike the panels, chain link fences come on wire rolls, which are attached onto poles for support. Chain link roll fencing takes a longer time to install than panels. However, they offer better protection, especially on construction sites. They are preferred by both residential and commercial workers due to their availability, durability and affordability. Another advantage is that they are easy to customize depending on the client’s needs. For instance, a windscreen can be added to minimize visibility on a construction site. This can reduce vandalism on the property, because your working materials are kept out of the public sight. Barricades Barricades are the most common rental fences. They can be used for events such as parades, carnivals and festivals. They can also be used to restrict vehicles from entering constructions. This can help save property from vandalism. Most barricades are made using durable and strong materials such as steel. Bamboo Fences and Stakes These can come in handy if you have just gotten pets, and you need time to construct a permanent fence. Rolled up bamboo, wood or stakes can make a good pet fence. The best thing about stakes and bamboo is that they are buried and not set in concrete. This makes them easy to remove when you are ready to put up a permanent fence. For a farm fence, you can use wire and wood. Plastic Mesh Plastic mesh is light weight and can be made of crosshatched vinyl. Plastic mesh can be used to enclose a play yard for children. Some people use plastic mesh to train their dogs to stay away from flower beds. Once they learn, the fencing is removed. Talk to a company like Aim Hire Pty Ltd for more information on temporary fencing...

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Choosing the Ideal Gutter System for Your Property

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When you desire to achieve excellent results for your home improvement project, the trick is to employ professional building contractors who can make use of quality building supplies. During your construction project, you will need to think about a gutter system, which serves to create a robust channel around your roof’s perimeter to stop the build-up of leaves, water and debris. The ideal gutter system must be able to withstand all sorts of elements. Prior to choosing which system is likely to work best for your home, here are a few categories to ponder. Continuous hanging model This type of gutter system hooks to the frontage of the gutter over the top, or on the internal lip, creating a continuous bridge starting from front to rear end. A continuous punctured tray sits tightly above the gutter. This affords the continuous hanging model further strength and maintains its strong connection to the home. As an incentive, the punctured tray serves as a natural guard against the build-up of leaves and debris. Hanging system Another common gutter system employs the use of spikes or screws and ferrules. As far as spikes and ferrules are concerned, the ferrule is introduced into the gutter system while the spike is inserted through the edge of the gutter as well as the ferrule and serves to hold the system in place. If the gutter system is over or unequally space, it can pull loose from the property during cold, freezing weather so the installation must be performed in a professional manner. Hidden hanger systems As their name implies, hidden hanger systems are veiled from view, lie flat in the gutter system and are spread out away from each other at specific intervals, depending on climatic conditions as well as the overall gutter model. Screws driven through the rear end of the gutter system serves to hold everything in position. Consequently, this robust attachment keeps the whole gutter system stationary to prevent any possible distortion or loosening. From the gutter systems themselves to a host of other building supplies including concrete sleepers, air ducts, railings and so on, quality building supplies on the market come with long-term warranties especially if you shop from a reputable or established building supplies company. No need to despair though, if you are not sure which type of gutter system is suitable for your home improvement project. A reputable building supplies company can eliminate the guesswork out of choosing the best materials that will be ideal for your...

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Tools for Small-Scale Sheet Metal Cutting

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Sheet-metal cutting isn’t necessarily something done only for industrial purposes; it’s also something smaller-scale metal shops and ordinary people performing metal-shaping projects in their homes do. For these smaller-scale sheet-metal-cutting projects, hand-held tools are all you need as opposed to industrial-sized water-jet cutting or heat-cutting machines. To choose what type of tool would suit your business or project best, there are a few things you should know about the properties of these tools. Chisel and hammer The simplest type of tool to use for sheet metal cutting is a chisel and a hammer. This is a very arduous way of cutting sheet metal and is most commonly used for nostalgic reasons. If you want to create objects out of sheet metal that look like they were made a long time ago to pass off as historically correct replicas, this type of sheet-metal cutting is a good way to achieve that look. However, it’s hard to keep the cuts straight, as you have to hit the chisel for every hole you want to make in the metal, and it’s hard to align it the same way for every hole. Therefore, it’s not a very good way of cutting if you’re looking to perform precision work. Snips Another, more common, way of cutting sheet metal for small-scale projects is using snips. These tools come in different variations depending on whether you want to cut straight or curved. Snips are more precise than chisel and hammer as the blades are long, and you can continue on the same cut without moving the tool. To cut through large pieces of metal, however, snips can be tedious to work with, as the cuts aren’t very long. If you are bending or folding the sheet metal after the cutting, you need to smooth out the edges before doing anything with the metal, as the edges become very sharp with this type of cutting. Hacksaw A hacksaw is another common tool used for sheet-metal cutting. This tool allows you to cut through larger pieces of metal than the snips, as you can saw through all of a piece of metal without having to stop to readjust the tool. However, it’s not as good for precision cutting, as the saw can’t be bent to cut corners. If you combine the saw with snips, this problem can be eliminated by using the snips for tight corners. To make the cut surface as smooth as possible, you can also put masking tape on the line you need to cut to minimise the amount of chips that come loose from the metal when you’re sawing.  To learn more about these sheet-metal-cutting tools, contact a representative from a company like Hunt...

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Why Use Autoclaved Aerated Concrete For Wall-Building?

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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a green building material derived from concrete. It comes in the form of panels and blocks and is commonly used in the construction of facades, walls, and floors. The construction industry has seen a significant increase in the use of AAC systems (also called hebel wall systems) for the construction of residential walls. This is mainly due to the significant benefits associated with the use of this building material. A few of these benefits are discussed below for the sake of homeowners looking to embrace the use of AAC for wall construction. AAC Is Eco-Friendly One of the major benefits of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is the eco-friendly nature of this building material. This is seen in a number of ways right from the manufacturing process used in the production of AAC blocks and panels. For one, the raw materials used in the manufacture of AAC blocks are non-toxic. The raw materials are cement, fine aggregate, and an expansion agent. The expansion agent is used to make the mixture of cement and fine aggregate rise like dough. Secondly, the AAC manufacturing process is non-pollutant as it results in the production of steam as the only waste product. This should come as music to the ears of the environmentally conscious homeowner. AAC Is A Lightweight Building Material The main difference between AAC blocks and regular concrete blocks is that AAC blocks have closed air pockets. For this reason, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are much lighter than their regular counterparts. The lightweight nature of this building material is beneficial in a number of ways. First, the transportation of AAC blocks or panels to the building site is easier and cheaper. More importantly, the reduced weight of individual blocks reduces the amount of dead load on building walls, thereby allowing for the construction of taller buildings.   AAC Wall Systems Have Better Sound Absorption Homeowners who choose AAC wall systems can expect greater privacy when having conversations in various rooms around the house. The mentioned building material has a porous structure and this increases its ability to absorb sound. When used in the construction of residential walls, it becomes nearly impossible for one to eavesdrop on a conversation from the other side of the wall in an adjacent room. The three benefits discussed above are a tip of the iceberg. Prospective homeowners should not hesitate to choose AAC blocks for residential wall...

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Why You Might Need to Buy a Luxury Fountain Pen

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At this time when digital technology is making it less necessary to use hand-written communication, you might be wondering why you may still need a luxury fountain pen, given that it might be somewhat costly to purchase. Well, here are a few essential reasons why making the purchase can be a worthwhile decision. Create outstanding masterpieces by hand. Whether you are drafting policy documents for your business, signing business transaction deals or simply jotting down your own notes, you can create masterpieces of writing using a luxury fountain pen. Many luxury fountain pens are made with smooth, high-quality material (e.g. gold and titanium) nibs to allow for free ink flow. This invigourates the art of putting pen to paper, which is becoming forgotten rather fast today due to the widespread use of modern electronic communication systems, such as emailing and instant text messaging.  For that reason, luxury fountain pens are a necessary high-end product for if you are passionate about achieving high-quality writing results, and want to portray your writing prowess through the type of pen you choose. Enhance the visual appearance of your writing desk. Even though the value of both luxury fountain pens and budget fountain pens is an extremely subjective matter, what distinguishes the two types of fountain pens is the superior fit and finish of the structural components of the former. Luxury fountain pens can consist of high-end components like gold nibs and diamond plates, which can easily achieve a more eye-catching overall product design than the regular stainless steel fountain pens, for instance. Hence, many luxury fountain pens are great for enhancing visual appearance when strategically placed on, say your office desk, since they can seamlessly express a frill look. Ideal gift for pen-lovers. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to someone when they are celebrating a special lifetime event such as a graduation ceremony, a luxury fountain pen may serve as a small but thoughtful gift, especially if you know for sure that they are ardent luxury pen collectors. These days, you can take part in that gratifying culture of giving away a fine-writing item to a cherished someone thanks to an ever-widening assortment of one-of-a-kind luxury fountain pens that are exclusively hand-crafted to a top-class pedigree. In some cases, the fountain pens can even be inscribed with the recipient’s name or initials to make the gift a bit more intimate. Just talk with different retailers that sell fountain pens, like Melbourne Pen Depot, for...

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