Managing Small Companies Versus Large Companies

Ways Construction Contractors Can Minimise the Risks of Vehicle Related Accidents

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Health and safety should be at the core of every construction business, whether you build homes, repair drains or lay asphalt on urban roads. Australia is getting better at protecting at-risk workers in areas like road maintenance, but the 26 construction fatalities in 2015 were far too many. In fact, Australia’s fatality rate for construction workers is twice that of Britain. There have also been high-profile cases where contractors have been sued for big money, such as the Wayne Vickery case. In 2011, Vickery was struck and killed on...

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3 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a Pre-owned Forklift

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In ideal circumstances, buying a new forklift featuring the latest technological advancements and no history or wear would be the best option. However, you may be under budgetary constraints and hence are forced to look into buying a used forklift. New equipment comes with certain guarantees of safety and reliability that used equipment doesn’t, so it’s important to do your homework thoroughly and ensure you source the right forklift for sale from the right people. Read on to learn more about this. 1. Consider maintenance costs...

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Five Safety Tips for Parents Who Want to Turn a Shipping Container Into a Playhouse

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A shipping container can make a fun and innovative playhouse for your kids, but before buying one and converting it into a magical space, you need to take a few moments to consider safety elements. Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind: 1. Consider buying a new shipping container. If you want a container that is completely safe from chemicals or toxins, you may want to buy a new container. Unfortunately, some shipping containers have pesticides along their floors to keep out pests during shipping, and they may also have paint made to...

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Tips on Purchasing the Perfect Timber for Your Project

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Buying timber for your deck, floors, shed or other structures isn’t a walk in the park. There are various types of wood in different qualities. The numerous dealers selling timber on the market today make the process of purchasing even harder. To ensure you get good quality wood for your construction or flooring project, here are some valuable tips and factors to consider. Determine the purpose of the timber There are two types of wood used for timber: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is ideal for high-quality furniture, flooring,...

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Considerations When Choosing A Wheelchair Lift

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If you or a member of your family uses a wheelchair, you might be considering having a wheelchair lift fitted into your mobility van.  There are a number of considerations to be made when choosing a suitable wheelchair lift.  Here’s a helpful guide to help you make the right choice. Initial considerations The first thing to consider is how you want to be able to access your van, as this will determine the design of wheelchair lift you will be able to have.  Entry options include: through the side passenger doors through...

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Living Room Flooring | 3 Considerations When Comparing Between Small And Large Format Tiles For Your Living Room

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If you’ve decided to give your living room floors a refurbished look with new tiles, then you’ve got to decide between classic small format tiles or more modern large format tiles. This guide aims to help you compare the two different types of tiles for your living room. Ease Of Maintenance Maintenance is a key factor in choosing between tiles because cleaning takes up a considerable amount of time. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, then both tile formats will suit you just fine....

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How To Prepare The Ground For Your New Roll-On Lawn

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When your lawn has suffered through disease or heavy use, it may become necessary to replace it with new roll-on turf.  Although it is possible to kill off an old lawn by using herbicides, doing so could harm other plants growing nearby and may also adversely impact on your new grass if any chemicals are left in the soil.  With this in mind, here are some environmentally-friendly options and tips on how to get rid of your existing lawn to ready the ground for that smart, new roll-on lawn. Smothering Like all plants, grass needs...

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Domestic High Pressure Washers: Comparing Petrol And Diesel Models

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If you need a high-pressure washer at home, you can either go with an electric of a fuel-powered model. Fuel models run on either diesel or petrol. Although the two are quite similar, they do have certain differences that make them distinct from each other. If you have decided to go with a fuel-powered high-pressure cleaner, this article will help you to choose between the two options by comparing the following factors.  Costs In regards to cost, you have to factor both the cost of procurement and the cost to run the washer. Diesel...

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Temporary Fencing Options

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Temporary fences create safe enclosures and barriers. They can be used to protect children from falling into pools, to keep your pets contained or to keep people out of construction sites. Temporary fences come with convenience and cost advantages, as they can easily be installed and removed when not in use. There are different fencing materials to fit your needs. Chain Link Panels These panels are mainly used in industrial, commercial and residential sites. This type of fencing can also be used for crowd control during events. This fencing...

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Choosing the Ideal Gutter System for Your Property

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When you desire to achieve excellent results for your home improvement project, the trick is to employ professional building contractors who can make use of quality building supplies. During your construction project, you will need to think about a gutter system, which serves to create a robust channel around your roof’s perimeter to stop the build-up of leaves, water and debris. The ideal gutter system must be able to withstand all sorts of elements. Prior to choosing which system is likely to work best for your home, here are a few...

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